Saving lister layout

I have been able to save lister layouts for a number of things. However, I cannot get the lister to save as default layout when I do the following things:

  1. Change column width (I want filename to be a narrower column)
  2. Reorder columns so that date is the 2nd column

I have made these changes, saved them, saved as default lister, but it will not save as the default layout.What am I doing wrong?


Most likely other settings override your settings. You can get a hint, if you hover the mouse cursor over the
lock symbol at the right bottom of your lister (it works only if the lock is open).

You can also have a look in the folder formats FAQ:

[url]Folder Formats: Detailed Guide]

Agree with abr. You save folder formats independently of the default layout... That was a big hangup for me when I was getting set up.

On the "Setting Up your Opus Interface" page of my tut, you might want to have a quick glance at the Setting up the "real" Default Lister section---some of it may apply to your setup, some not.

For setting the defaults, everything you need should be in the Folder Formats: Quick Guide.

(The guide Abr linked is a more detailed one with a lot of things you won't need if you're only concerned about the defaults.)