Several questions about tabs and their behavior

Hi there,

I am currently testing Opus 12.26 Pro on Win 10 Pro x64 and the behavior of some of the tabs raises the question:

Is that intentional or a bug or can it be configured?
(I already searched but couldn't find anything about it)

  1. If Opus is minimized or running as window/full screen and I'm using a folder/drive shortcut that's already open as a tab, the focus is set to the appropriate tab - that's fine. But if Opus only runs in the systray or not at all and I use a folder/drive shortcut that already exists as a tab, Opus still opens a new tab with that path, so I have then the same tab open twice. I have already set that the lister used last is always used.

  2. I have locked multiple tabs with folder navigation allowed. If I have navigated to subfolders and restarted Opus, all registers are reset to the "locked" path - this fits and corresponds to the desired behavior. However, the tabs are also reset if you navigate to a subfolder, open a subfolder in a new tab and then close this new tab again. (The focus then changes back to the original tab, which apparently simulates a mouse left click - at least that also causes a reset to the home path)

Further questions:

  • When I use a folder/drive shortcut, this path is opened in any pane (dual view mode - I'm guessing the pane that was last in focus) opens the path.
    Is it possible to somehow configure in which pane new tabs should be opened? Or generally which pane has the focus when opening Opus?
  • Is it also possible to lock a tab and only allow navigation in subfolders? In my opinion, it would make more sense than allowing general navigation.

Would be nice to get some answers/feedback. :slight_smile:

I'm exploring every day a little bit more Opus and like it more and more. :slight_smile: So much functions... But the questions above are still open for me.

Try unchecking Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab.

And the question is...?

New external tabs are opened in the source. You could use DOpusRT for more control.

Yes, just configure the default lister to your liking.

Then external folders are open in a complete new lister.

That was written above the first two questions. :slight_smile:
Is that intentional or a bug or can it be configured?

Seems to be a more complex topic. At least here is nothing related to open an external folder in a specific pane:!Documents/DOpusRT_Reference.htm

I do not find a setting that defines which of the two panes has the focus after launching opus. Perhaps possible via script or similar?

The thread is now (if it wasn't already) about lots of different questions, which makes it harder to answer and keep track of (and thus less likely to get quick/good answers).

See Ask one question per thread for thoughts on that kind of thing.

OK. I was not sure if it is better to keep it in one thread or to divide it. So I will divide the topics into several threads. Then it is also easier to find for other people.

Sorry. :slight_smile:

OK. I created new threads. Please answer there if you like to. :slight_smile:

Regarding lock a tab and allow only subfolders I found this: Locked tabs which can only navigate to sub folders - #3 by vijer

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