Support for 4NT descriptions

Would it be possible for DOPUS to support 4NT's DESCRIPT.ION description files?

Ahh - there it was. I looked all over for it, but couldn't find it. Thanks...

I can't seem to get the column displayed in the file view. I have gone to Settings->Preferences->Display->Fields and have tried checking both Comments and Description (and some other fields), but no additional columns are shown in the file view.

Is this not the place to add displayed columns?

That's the place where you change how columns look and behave when they are turned on, not where you turn them on. If you aren't sure what a Preferences page does, click the (?) icon at the top right of the page, or push F1, to open the help file for that page.

Please also have a browse through the FAQs as a lot of basic questions are answered there:

See this FAQ for changing the columns which are turned on by default:

Just curious - if it's not where I turn the display of them on and off, why is there a checkmark for each of them? UI-wise that means (to me) enable/disable that column...

Anyway, I'll check the links you provided...

Read the manual. :slight_smile:

A program that requires one to read the manual is too complex :slight_smile:

It should be evident from the UI what the actions do :slight_smile:

If you don't want complex software, you've come to the wrong place.

If you are unsure or curious about what a Preferences page does, the answers are in the manual. You don't have to use up our time (and yours) asking on a forum about that kind of thing, unless there's something which isn't explained in the manual or is unclear. Reading one page in the manual is faster than writing, waiting and then reading a reply on a forum, and means we can focus more of our time on improving the program (and manual).

(Asking on the forum is fine, but a lot of these questions today could have been answered with a bit of reading and searching, which gets frustrating, sorry.)

I would argue it is fairly self evidence what that page does, even without the manual, if you pay attention to the options there, and the checkbox on the right which is tied to the checkboxes in the list:

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