Tabs lost on computer crash

Whenever my computer crashes, I lose all my open tabs. It just reopens whatever tabs were open when I last exited Dopus normally. This is my only issue with Dopus though it's quite frustrating, as I tend to leave my PC on for a while, and when it occasionally crashes I forget what tabs were open. Is there a way to make Dopus just save these every once in a while without having to restart it?

My way.

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There are a couple of user-made options which will automatically save the open windows/tabs into a layout every few minutes:

We're thinking about building something similar into Opus. Although, IMO, if the computer is crashing often enough that re-opening a few folders is a problem, something bigger needs fixing. :slight_smile:

That's a good solution if you just want a quick button to click to manually save the current windows, or to save them when doing other actions.

The second line with D:\ on it suggests the button's primary purpose is to navigate to D:\, and it's saving the layout first. If you want the layout to be saved every time you change folders, using the OnBeforeFolderChange or OnAfterFolderChange script event would be better, as it would work automatically for all folder changes, without having to edit all your buttons and other methods of changing folders.

The script addin I did and which Leo linked to still does the job for me, unchanged script since then. I can recommend, cannot speak for the other solutions, did not try them, they did not meet my requirements.

You know that DO is able to open multiple listers with two file displays and multiple tabs in each? o)

Computer crashing because of hardware/driver issues at regular intervals surely needs fixing if possible, but this is only a part of the problem. Think of blackout/brownout, dead laptop battery, DO itself crashing, Windows crashing suddenly, unexpected but rare windows reboots/resets due to bad connections/whatever, accidental power plug removal, thumb/drives disconnecting. I think I experienced all of them already.

Ah, I missed this one: Using the "Staubsauger", the dust hover thing.. you know, the thing sucking in the dirt from the floor, I don't know the correct english name right now. I touched pc tower twice with the dust nozzle.. electric discharge happened -> computer restarted (and blew display port to hdmi adapter btw.). Long story short, you can't think of all the reasons DO cannot exit properly.