Version 12.30 build 8360 Very Unstable

Hi there,
Have a lot of problems with the pogram just saying not responding.
If I leave the cursor over a file the information about it appears and then will not disappear when you move to another window and it always stays on top.
The preview window no longer displayes videos in colour.
Pictures are, so do not know what setting I have changed to cause this.
Comments Please.

12.30 runs fine here.

Maybe a codec pack running wild?

I don't know why this is in Site Feedback, but I'm not experiencing any problems either.

Well, that's weird. I thought this was in Site Feedback and I checked several times, but it's not there now.

I'm not saying you don't have a problem of some sort, but if it were a general problem with 12.30, the forum would be flooded with complaints.

Something that's worth trying is to revert to a default configuration to see which, if any, of the problems persist. Take a backup first, of course.