Windows 10 OneDrive no Share in context menu

I checked the FAQ and could not find a solution to this problem. So, here I go:

On my Win10 (up todate) and OD12 (latest version):
With File Explorer and in ONEDrive file, I can easily
open the "share" link/menu (right click filename)
yet in OD12 this "share" does not even appear.

How can I get this "share" link to show with OD12?
Thank you for your help with this.

(BTW, the program name is Directory Opus, not Opus Directory. :))

In Win 10 Pro 1903 Build 18362.207, Notepad shows the OneDrive right context items. However, Directory Opus, 12.15.3 (beta) does not. Is there a way to add the same OneDrive right context items to Directory Opus?

The rest of the thread (at least my posts) was about the Share menu item, not the Share a OneDrive Link menu item, which is a different thing.

Neither of your screenshots has a Share item (even in Notepad), which fits with what I said above. If you right-click something in File Explorer, you should see the Share item. It only appears in File Explorer, which you didn't screenshot.

As for Share a OneDrive Link, that appears in all three of Opus, Notepad and File Explorer here when in the OneDrive folder. (I have 3rd party menu items hidden by default, so I need to hold shift to see if, FWIW.)

It also does absolutely nothing in all three programs when I select it, such is the quality of OneDrive and Windows these days.

Please link your account.

I apologize for my mis-understanding of this post's title. I have linked my account.

As illustrated by my image post, the OneDrive right context menu items are not displaying in the right context menu as expected. Any suggestions on how I can investigate / fix this on my end? I frequently use these menu items (from file explorer) but would prefer to access the menu items from within Directory Opus.

See if anything is blocked under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: ignore_context_menus. Things that cause instability are sometimes added there automatically.

Beyond that, I'm not sure, but I'm inclined to suspect this aspect of OneDrive is unreliable since the menu item appears everywhere here but doesn't work anywhere, even in Explorer.

Edit: FWIW, I opened OneDrive's tray icon UI and the menu item then started working, including in Opus. All I did was open the UI and close it again.

Edit 2: Make sure you don't have Opus running as admin, as that'll break a lot of context menu items. It'll say ADMINISTRATOR in the titlebar if you are. (Can't see if it's there as the screenshot above is cropped.)

OneDrive right context menu items are now working in Directory Opus!
I had been running Directory Opus as Administrator.
To change this, I right-clicked my Directory Opus Shortcut, clicked Advanced, then unchecked "Run as administrator". The OneDrive context menu items now appear.

Leo, Thank you very much.

Worth a read:

Now running Directory Opus 12.16.4 beta in non-administrator mode. Sharing now appears in right context menu.