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My feature request is that when a tag is added to selected files, that tag be appended to the existing tags. Windows File Explorer always appends tags, and Directory Opus is advertised as a File Explorer replacement.
I regularly add tags (keywords) to photos using the following software, all of which append tags:
Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Tag That Photo, and Photo Mechanic.
I have tried the Bulk Meta Script AddIn, but it requires so many clicks that it is not worthwhile. Also, one must type a semi-colon before the tag. If not, the new tag is added to the existing tag with no separation, and that cannot be undone.

I have seen this post Batch Adding Tags but I feel it should be unnecessary to use a command to append tags when appending tags is the norm in other applications.

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You can do this in the Metadata panel.

When multiple files are selected with different tags, the Tags field will show "multiple values". If you edit it and then type in +NewTag and click Apply, Opus will add NewTag to each file's list of tags, without removing any of the existing ones.

(Give it a try on some test files first to make sure I've understood correctly, and it works how you expect.)

Thank you. I will try that.

That works, but forgetting to type the plus sign (+) could be disastrous, as that kind of mistake cannot be undone. I understand that a lot of the appeal of Directory Opus is that it is highly customizable, but, in my opinion, appending Tags should be the default, as it is in every application I can think of.

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You could always use a script instead of the metadata panel, which could then ensure the + is always there (and maybe some other input checking, like no -, spaces or ; characters in the tag name that might confuse things and have unwanted effects.

There are a couple of existing scripts that some users have written which might help here:

Thank you John,
As stated in my post, I have experimented with the Bulk Meta script, and it is not an adequate solution for me for a few reasons I listed.

The Filetags script would, technically, suit my needs, but I own and use Photo Mechanic, Lightroom Classic, and Bridge for most of my photo metadata work. If I want to append Tags, it is faster, easier, and less risky to use one of those applications as compared to one of the workarounds available.

Appending tags (or Keywords) is the DEFAULT in every application I can think of, except for Photo Mechanic, where one must check the 'Append' box beside the Keywords field.

My FEATURE REQUEST is that appending Tags become the default behavior, or an easily available option--like a check box in the metadata panel or an option in Preferences -- especially since Directory Opus is advertised as a File Explorer replacement.

You can get the same behavior as File Explorer by editing the tags via the Properties dialog, which is available from Opus but really part of the Windows Shell, so it behaves the same as File Explorer.

Select the files, then Properties > Details.

I just did a test and it won't display any indication that the files have different tags (only the common tags are displayed, or none if they're all different), but typing a new one in will add it to the existing ones, as you want.

(Not sure how you remove or set tags via that UI, OTOH, but that's beside the point.)

I know that, but it requires 4 additional clicks to add a tag that way. When I am working with collections that typically have hundreds of thousands of files, it's important to work efficiently.

If I use File Explorer and opt to show the Details Pane (similar to the Metadata Pane in Dopus), I can select multiple files (with different tags) enter a tag in the 'Tags' field:


that tag is appended to existing tags:


So, since File explorer appends tags by default and Dopus is billed as a File Explorer alternative/replacement, I hope you will consider this feature request.

There is no need for you to go to the effort of telling me about other workarounds for what is standard/default in File Explorer and every other application with tagging/Keywording that I've ever seen.

Explorer Replacement refers to specific functionality (that of Opus opening instead of Explorer when double-clicking on icons, etc). It doesn't mean it works exactly the same as Explorer in absolutely every situation. Sorry I realise we probably didn't explain that using exactly the terminology you were expecting, our bad.

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I'm not trying to pick a fight, and I have not commented on your terminology, The fact is that appending tags (Keywords) is standard, and Directory Opus deviates from that norm. I have seen a few other posts about this, so clearly I am not the only one who would like to see this feature request implemented.