Can it behave like Firefox?

Is it possible to get Directory Opus to behave like Firefox in terms of tabs? I only ever want one instance of trhe program running with mutiple tabs for different folders.

For example, I have D.O. open and displaying "c:\program files". I launch a shortcut which opens "D:\My Videos".

Instead of this opening a new instance of the app I'd like a new tab to be opened in the first instance. Is this possible?

In any event is it possible to disable multiple instances? I have searched the help and manual.

Off the top of my head I do not recall an option to limit Opus to only one instance although there may be such an option. Even if there is I wouldn't recommend it as you'd be putting a crimp on the power of Opus (there are times multiple listers are very useful).

However you can do what you want with folder tabs to achieve your goal while still having the capability of running multiple instances should you ever desire to. Just create a button with the following command.

And it will create a new empty tab in the current lister.

While this button command:
Go ""D:\My Videos" NEWTAB
Will create a new tab that's in the "D:\My Videos" directory.

Or you could use this button:
Go {sourcepath} NEWTAB
To open a new tab in the current directory.

Well, I tried a few things that didn't 'quite' work out but maybe someone can pick up where I've left off and make some good of it. Forgive me as I can't quite recall what things I've 'manually' done in my registry vs. default 'Opus' things... but to start off with:

  • I've got the HKCR\Folder\shell default value set to openindopus. While I think I set this manually, it's a reference to the openindopus shell command I believe I got simply by selecting the Add 'Open in DOpus' item to folder context menus option in Preferences->Miscellaneous->Windows Integration

  • I had a thought to modify the value of that shell command from what it's set to by Opus:
    C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /idlist,%I,%L

to something like:
C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Go "%1" NEWTAB LASTACTIVELISTER

...based on the new Go switches offered in 8.1 as Greg recently pointed out in another thread.

It didn't work :frowning: dam

It seems like the NEWTAB and LASTACTIVELISTER switches don't work together the way I'd have liked them to. Maybe this can be submitted as a little bugette or feature request?

Anyway, I then tried to define a 'User' command in Opus called mygo that first ran just Go LASTACTIVELISTER followed by Go "%1" NEWTAB, and then modifed the openindopus shell command to run:
C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd mygo "%1"

That didn't quite work either :frowning: double dam... but closer

Using internal opus commands this way cause things like "%1" to be taken literally. So the LASTACTIVELISTER part worked fine to bring up the existing (last) lister instance as did the subsequent NEWTAB to create a new tab in that lister - too bad the shortcut was not to a folder called %1 :slight_smile:. Anybody out there have any syntax wisdom they can share to make something like this work properly? I'm feeling a bit burnt out today... maybe there's even a much simpler way to do this and I've once again went the difficult way :slight_smile:. But this way dudes like mbriody (you don't play guitar by any chance do you dude?) can just make one change that will let them use their existing folder shortcuts in the way he's looking to without having to first run the kind of commands John helped to point out?

Most interesting discussion.

But I must add just a short note. We do not support nor recommend nor encourage the the manual editing of Registry variables used by Opus. Let Opus do what it needs without assistance:)

Such changes may cause Opus to function incorrectly.

Obviously many users enjoy hacking their Registry settings:) But if you do you are on your own!

Have fun but don't ask us if it goes wrong! :slight_smile:

Understood Greg... loud and clear.

As a side note then, what would you think of a feature request to provide an option for people to be able to set the feault behaviour of Opus so that it opened all folders (from any source whether it be folder shortcuts or whatever) in a single lister? I'd imagine you would either handle that in some internal way or perhaps change the default Go and dopusrt.exe usages in the registry via the program anyway :slight_smile:.

This might be academic anyway, since I might have mistaken mbriody's reference to 'launching folder shortcuts' incorrectly (still wondering if he shreds on guitar...). Maybe he didn't mean 'dbl-ckicking on windows shortcuts to folders' like on his desktop or something...

For the record... i would like it too if a double click would open the last open lister instead of a new one (single instance, multiple document interface,... or whatever you like to call it).

xopotl, double-click on what? if it's the desktop (which is how I open new listers) then I can't help as I believe that is some hook GPSoft use in order to launch their listers... if it's double-clicking somewhere else then you can probably do it.

I think mbriody (still wondering if he plays guitar :slight_smile:) was talking about folder shortcuts which is a little different and can only be done (for now) with regedit(s)...

Let us know what you need.

Sorry I haven't replied. I assumed that I would get notification by email of replies to my post but I didn't so I assumed no-one had replied!

xopotl wrote:
For the record... i would like it too if a double click would open the last open lister instead of a new one (single instance, multiple document interface,... or whatever you like to call it).[/quote]

This is exactly what I want.

I am talking about shortcuts on the desktop, QuickLaunch toobar, Start Menu etc.

I have shortcuts to frequently used folders (on my desktop) and I I double click on one and DO is already open then I don't want a new instance launched, just a new tab in the current instance.

Hope that's clear now.

This thread here may be of use: ... 17&forum=4

Link is broken, I'm looking for the same feature (keep most things in 1 window, in tabs)
Can you post a valid link? ... highlight=

[Open associated files in a new tab instead of a new window)