Change folder icon colors from opus?

Hi guys,

I'm on Windows 7 x64. I wrote toolbar button for opus that pops up a list with a load of folder colors, and changes the icon to that color.
This used to work well under XP, but now under W7 it doesn't anymore.

I've downloaded a few different utillities (folder icon changer, folder highlight etc.) that do this, but the first one doesn't seem to work as a submenu item on the righ click menu under w7, and the other one does but is fairly limited. On top of that, they all cost money, which I'm not willing to pay for something so simple (and something I had working before!).

So the question is, can anyone help me get this right? I've got the code for changing the icon, but it doesn't seem to refresh properly and it's hard to tell if it still works under W7.
I understand that W7 might have changed the way custom icons are set, and I've googled for this but to no avail.


[code]runmode hide

del {filepath$}\desktop.ini /A H

attrib +R {filepath$}
echo [.ShellClassInfo] > {filepath$}\desktop.ini

//echo ConfirmFileOp=0 >> {filepath$}\desktop.ini

echo IconFile=C:\Users\joris\Documents\Icons\Vista Colors.icl >> {filepath$}\desktop.ini
echo IconIndex=0 >> {filepath$}\desktop.ini
attrib +H +S {filepath$}\desktop.ini

dopusrt /CMD Go REFRESH[/code]



Isn't this the same question as in your earlier thread, or is there a new part to it?

Maybe the icons would be updated if something called SHChangeNotify on the changed folders, but I don't know of a tool which lets you do that via the command-line.

I used to use an app called FolderIco to change the color of folders in File Explorer. I assumed it left some hidden file in the folder to do that. I don't think I reinstalled it when I reinstalled windows some time ago, but the colors still display in DO.

Does DO have a function to change color of folders?

Meanwhile, I've reinstalled FileIco and it seems to work ok.

Opus can recolor some or all folder icons dynamically via the labels system:

Opus also supports the same methods the File Explorer (and the Windows shell) support for changing the icons on individual folders, as well as the default icons:

May also be of interest:

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