Color Folder Icons

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[Directory Opus 10 and above: Opus can now dynamically re-color any file or folder icon to any color, so there is very little need for these icons anymore.]

A few colored folder icons for when you want a particular folder to stand out in Opus and/or Explorer.

Currently only 16x16 32-bpp icons are included along with a Photoshop PSD file for anyone who wants to make additional colors.


To assign one of the icons to a folder in Windows XP:

  • Right-click the folder and choose Properties;
  • Go to the Customize tab at the top of the Properties dialog;
  • Click Change Icon... near the bottom of the Customize page;
  • Browse to where you have extracted the icons from the zip file;
  • Select the icon you want.


  • Windows will not provide a Customize tab for some folders (e.g. "Program Files").
  • You cannot customize a folder if you don't have permission to create or update the Desktop.ini file inside it.

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