Create a popup Drive List w/ Hotkey only - no button

In xplorer2 I have bound a hotkey combo to StrokeIt, such that when I fire the mouse gesture/hotkey binding,
it causes a clickable Drives List to appear - basically wherever I click & have the cursor positioned in the filepane.

I've tried nearly a dozen combinations of things, but haven't quite got it to work like I want in dOpus.

The closest I've got was dragging a "Drive List" command button next to the Breadcrumbs path bar,
and binding it to the hotkey that is itself bound to my mouse gesture --
but this causes the popup drive list to still be associated w/ the command button - at its location.

Then I also tried setting a System-wide Hotkey with Go DRIVEBUTTONS, and ContextMenu DRIVEBUTTONS,
but neither of those has worked either.

I want it to just popup by itself wherever I click the cursor - sort of like a javascript popup applet I guess - as seen in the screencap.

Thanks for Help :slight_smile:

Working it out meself :

Not exactly like the behaviour I have in xplorer2, but close enough & very satisfactory ...

Modifying by means of Customize > Context Menus > Lister Context

My goal is to ever only be 2 clicks away from a target --
so in x2, I click once w/ a StrokeIt gesture [LBUTTON_UP], then click on the desired Drive in the popup applet.

I like this approach because technically, the applet that pops up is native to x2, NOT the filepane's context menu -
which I have customized in other ways.

Here in dOpus, I Rclick for the filepane context menu, then Hover over the menu button as the Drives popout, then click on the desired Drive.

I'll also configure each drive as a 3-button, so that Lclick opens the Drive in the current tab, Mclick opens the Drive in a New Adjacent Tab,
and Rclick will do something else.

I do have a question - - what determines whether a menu or button element has a side pointing >
or down pointing v arrow ? seems like when I copy/pasted some of the View buttons into a higher level button,
their side pointing arrows changed to down-pointing arrows, & I can't yet figure out how to change them back --

nothing to bother about, it's just that once I've got my mind in dOpus config, I become curious + greedy to understand & control everything that happens :wink:

Here's the classic post on the Triple Button Drive that I'd studied some months ago and borrowed some ideas from:

[code]Triple Drive Buttons (How to lose the tree) (step-by-step)]

Though it was written around dOpus 8, it's still very workable/doable even in v.11 ~

(Please paste links as-is instead of in code blocks, that way they can be clicked. Using a code block actually makes things more difficult for people.)

Opus 11 lets you open toolbars as popup menus using the Toolbar command. I'm not able to look up the exact syntax right now, but you want the float-active mode, and pos=mouse or similar will make the popup open where the mouse is.

So you can make a toolbar with just the drive buttons on it, then open it as a popup menu with a hotkey which runs the Toolbar command.

I'll probably make a tutorial about this at some point.

Toolbar Drive
STATE=float TOGGLE POS=mouse

I'm trying every combination I can think of but don't have it yet ....
really looking forward to understanding & specifying the correct magic to make this work, thx ~

ok! searching the forum for: "open toolbars as popup menu" ...

& found Clipboard Popup Toolbar by steve (2008) in the Tutorials section --
followed along & finally got the thing working --
but the interesting thing is that I prefer the context menu thing I already figured out (see the post above),

as it's faster/more responsive to the context Rclick
than to even the simplest StrokeIt gesture (L, R, Down, etc.)

... Gettin' a little more config'd every day .... Awesome :slight_smile: