Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Changes in

Default Lister and Layouts

  • Added options to the Listers / Options page in Preferences to control the opening position of the Default Lister. You can now choose to have the Default Lister always open in the same position, or always open under the mouse pointer, as well as the default behavior.
  • Specifying the position and size for the Go NEW command now works. Additionally you can now specify *,* for the position to make the new Lister open under the mouse pointer.
  • In Explorer Replacement mode, the 'Open folders in existing tab' option now causes a minimized Lister to be restored when the new tab opens
  • Double-clicks in List/Thumbs/Tiles mode no longer enter inline rename if the launched program did not take the focus
  • In Single Click mode, reduced the delay between a click and the action taking place (previously it used the system double-click time, now uses half the double-click time)
  • The popup find field now appears over the top of the file display when in List mode and horizontal Tiles mode - this prevents the list items being rearranged when the field appears and disappears.
  • Fixed problem with Breadcrumbs path field drop-down when in the root of a network device (eg \\Computer)
  • The Breadcrumbs drop-down when in Control Panel now works
  • Fixed delay on first file selection after a new tab has been opened
  • Fixed rendering problem with icons in status bar and folder tabs when window title bar height set to non-standard size
Folder Tabs
  • Folder Tabs set to "Locked (Allow Changes)" mode now display the path of the locked folder in their tooltip
  • The label of a Folder Tab set to "Locked (Allow Changes)" mode is now reset to the locked folder as soon as the tab goes inactive
  • When clicking on an active Folder Tab set to "Locked (Allow Changes)" mode to reset it to the locked folder, the tab no longer goes into inline rename mode
  • Fixed problem with Tab Groups - when the first tab in a group was locked, and 'Close existing tabs' was selected, a new tab would be opened for the first locked tab instead of reusing an existing one
  • Transparent floating toolbars now remain transparent when the mouse is over them - they only fade in to solid if the shift key is held down
  • Improved alpha blending on transparent floating toolbars
  • Added an option to Toolbars page in Preferences to disable the slide effect of auto-hide toolbars
Preferences & Customize
  • Fixed problem with changing Folder Tree colours
  • Hopefully fixed conflict in Advanced Command editor with the ] character on German keyboards
  • Fixed problem with full-width spacers in toolbars when icon spacing set to >3
  • The option to hide Lister footprints in the taskbar now works correctly
  • The Opus control panel applets now work correctly
  • Fixed problem with conversion from Opus 8 config that could cause Filetype Info Tips and some other settings to be lost
  • Fixed problem that could cause corruption in My Computer and other virtual folders when using a config exported from Windows XP on a Vista machine
  • Added "Favorites Add Dialog" command to the predefined command list
USB Export
  • USB/U3 exports in languages other than English now work even if english.dll was not exported
  • Fixed problem with USB export on Sandisk Cruzer USB keys
  • When performing a USB export over the top of an existing export, you are now given the option of upgrading the program files without overwriting the previously exported configuration
  • Attempting to copy a file from an encrypted DVD no longer causes a crash
  • The Copy WHENEXISTING=rename command now works correctly (previously it did the same thing as 'renameold')
  • Fixed formatting of {time} field in Advanced Rename
  • Fixed problem with Advanced Rename dialog in regular expression mode, the text in the old/new name fields could change when dialog resized
Zip & RAR
  • The Copy ZIP and ADDTOZIP commands can now accept the CREATEFOLDER argument to specify the name of the destination Zip file
  • The "Compression Level" label no longer appears twice in the Add To Zip dialog
  • Fixed Zip Auto Extract by filename pattern
  • The RAR plugin now respects the Pause button in the "full" progress dialog
Drag & Drop / Interoperability
  • Drag&Drop of a message from Outlook 2007 to Opus now works
  • Fixed drag and drop from 7zip application
  • Fixed problem creating a new Microsoft Access document with Office 2003
Print Folder
  • Print Folder to CSV now works correctly if some columns have no information. Also fixed problem with columns containing commas and quotes.
  • Print Folder now has options to print as Tab delimited (both to disk and to clipboard) for import into Excel. Also added CSV option for clipboard.
  • Fixed problem with Print Folder dialog resizing breaking once the format had been edited