DO Window active after double-clicking video (Actual Window Manager)

After double-clicking a .mp4 file, MPC-HC opens and plays the file. However, almost immediately, the DO window gets activated and is displayed (maximized) on top of MPC-HC. I have to minimize it in order to watch the video. Any idea what went wrong?

I'm using DO 12.27 on Windows 10.

That has never happened to me and I also use MPC-HC.

Do you have anything installed which changes how windows are arranged, makes things "on-top", positions windows on a grid or on different monitors, and so on?

Or has the Opus window been set on-top?

Is MPC-HC up to date?

You're right! I've "Actual Window Manager" active, and when I close it, everything is working well again. I wonder what option in that software does this. I'll contact their support to remedy this.

Thank you!

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