DOpus mp3 Tags v Foobar2000 Tags and Replaygain

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I've already taken this up with the Foobar Forum, but, it may be a DOpus problem. I'm using Foobar2000 music player to add Replaygain to my music tracks on my PC. Replaygain, for those not in the know adds tags to the files so that when they play the album gain is adjusted so that all albums play at a similar level. This is what I am doing and the problem I've encountered:

Scan an album for Replaygain with Foobar2000, add the tags then go to DOpus, and find that tag operations with Foobar mess up the display of tags in DOpus. I highlight all the tracks in DOpus, go to Properties where I see the tags correctly, activate a field so that the Apply button activates then click Apply on the Properties page and I then find all the normal tags return including title etc. After doing this I was checking back with Foobar using the Edit Replaygain command and saw that all tags were retained, but, after doing that a dozen times I presumed everything was going OK so stopped checking that. Now, however, after adding Replaygain to all my albums I thought I was hearing a marked difference in volume between different albums so checked and found no Replaygain on any of the albums, the Replay Tags had gone.

So I'm puzzled here about what's happening. Adding Replaygain seems to destroy presentation of tags in DOpus, repairing tags in DOpus seems to (at some time) remove Replaygain tags. Other users of DOpus seem to have not reported this issue so I'm beginning to think it may be a problem with mp3 tags in DOpus. Foobar is set to write tags in ID3v2 + ID3v1 format, DOpus has mp3 tags set to "Save ID3v1 Tag as well" so I would have thought the two apps were compatible. Are there any settings I've overlooked? Or is this a problem with mp3 tags that has been overcome in more recent versions of DOpus?

The best thing to do is to attach a small sample MP3 file tagged in the way which seems to cause problems so that GPSoft can take a look with it and either correct the problem or point out what's wrong.

One short tune zipped and attached, Album and track Replaygain added, no editing of tags in DOpus after Replaygain added.

Works fine here in Opus 9.

I just noticed that you mentioned Opus 6 in your original post. (I read the 6 as a 9 before, sorry!)

The MP3 plugin has been made more compatible with variations on the ID3vX tag formats since Opus 6 so that explains why it works for me but not for you.

Yes, it looks as if everything is there in the image you posted. In fact, if I select Properties for any of the tracks I just processed all the Tag data is there, it is just in the viewer pane that it is absent and doing the above process I described I get it back, but, then it destroys Replaygain data.

Well, I was thinking it was about time to upgrade from 6 before this came up, so all the better if it gives me better tagging. I noticed something similar happening to tags displayed in the viewer if I did any tag editing with Real Player too.

Oh, I forgot to try the viewer pane. In fact, the strings are displayed as "?????" in there, which is odd, especially when they look like ASCII characters.

I've sent the MP3 to GPSoft to look at.

Ah, so it's still the same, that's what I'm getting. Bringing up Properties, clicking on a field and then clicking Apply should bring back all the tag data into the viewer pane, but, with v6 it destroys Replaygain, however, impossible to tell if it does so in v9 as one would need a player that can read Replaygain to confirm it. Foobar2000 reads it of course and I believe WinAmp reads the generated Replaygain tags.

Maybe if I get a reply on the Foobar Forums some light may be thrown on it.


Although adding replaygain or editing tags with Foobar garbles tag text in viewer repairing tags with DOpus tag editor does not seem to destroy Replaygain tags upon further investigation. The rescanning of the media library with Foobar seems to be destroying the already written Replaygain Tags. I'm trying to take this up with the Foobar developers.

The problem with the garbled text in the DOpus viewer/editor yet intact viewing it in Properties still remains however.

Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully the mp3 plugin can be updated to display the file correctly.

I can replicate this with 9.0.0.
all tags are ???????a.

Will update to 9.0.2 and report back.

problem still exists in 9.0.2.

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Any news about this problem?

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I've posted a pre-release version of an updated MP3 plugin here which should solve this problem. Feedback and comments in that thread, please.

where is the mp3 dl link. i cannot seem to find it.

thank you for the help.


What was a pre-release in 2007 is released now:

"[Edit: Removed attachment as newer versions come with Opus now.]"