Duplicate File Finder - mark duplicates in specific folder

I am sure it has been asked before. From the result panel, is it possible to have a specific folder selected?

In the below screenshot, the folder that ends up with "Done - Copy" is the correct folder, those should be deleted. However, when scrolling down the list of dups, I noticed that files in folders that should nót be deleted are being marked.

How am I to proceed on this?


Opus always keeps the first file in each group and marks the others for deletion.

So you can sort the results list by path or location to influence which folder things are kept in.

(We plan to make it easier, and more explicit, to control which folders files are deleted from in the future.)

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The sorting thing, that's what I tried. It could be that I might be doing some wrong though

I select a file that is marked for deletion, in the correct folder, click on 'Select', at the bottom, then click on sort, "Location" column. That is fine to a certain point, then it changes to a reverse selection, meaning the other folder is selected. See screenshot above. First part : correct, second not.

Once you've resorted the list, click Select again to update the selection.

We've explained this to you before. Maybe write it down this time :slight_smile:

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