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I am managing several thousand WAV files 16 and 24bit. I use the comment and tag field successfully in DOPUS. However, when I set Genre (music) as a column nothing is displayed. I have used several different tagging apps which always display genre correctly.

Why would this be the case? Genre is a fairly standard tag

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Apparently not (for .wav):

But there are add-ins that can make this tag available:

Such a shame - even Windows File Explorer displays WAV genre. I am a musician and keep a lot of files as WAV format in preference over FLAC. Decided recently to explore DOPUS (of which I am a long time user) as a manager for thousands of WAV files. There are reasons why WAV is better in certain use cases. Particularly when using music creation software.

My minimal understanding is that some of the add-ins you mention would create additional side-car files. If I have 30,000 sound files that would quickly grow!

Most of my files are tagged - just need to display the columns with minimal set-up. Just happens that DOPUS excels in so many other areas.

Then this should work for you:

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thanks for the awesome information.

This is not a wise decision I think. There are lot's of user like me have the same problem, the WAV files are tagged but Directory Opus doesn't support. this is so much hard to convert all of WAV Collection into FLAC then tag again. Even Windows file Explorer support the Tag for WAV. Directory Opus is far far better file manager then Windows file explorer but that's not support WAV Tag :sleepy: :face_exhaling: that's not we expect from the best file manager software as Directory Opus

Out of context quote there. WAV is standard. ID3 in WAV is non-standard (although it is used in a few niche areas).

We may support it one day but it's not a priority, and WAV isn't a sensible file format for the vast majority of people to be using for anything. Musicians may be an exception there, if they need faster seeking than FLAC can provide, but anyone just storing or listening to music would be crazy to choose WAV as their format.

Any Explorer column can be imported into Opus to show the same information in Opus, as Lxp pointed to.

Not true at all. You can batch convert WAV to FLAC, and carry all the tags over, in about three clicks, and in very little time using modern multi-core CPUs and tools that take advantage of them (e.g. dbPowerAmp Music Converter). It's a trivial thing to do.

Yes I agree with you, but the men like me who have no ability for scripting that is not so much easy to import a column from file explorer to Directory Opus. as you see my last post finally you write the script (really really THANKS for the script) for me for importing the contributing artist column from file explorer. So Please make some easy UI where we can give the check mark for the file explorer columns like we can add or remove other column in Directory Opus.

(Thanks lxp I am waiting for the tutorial)
otherwise make some details tutorial then we can learn easily that think.

You are welcome! :laughing:

We are exceptional! :innocent:

The WAV/ID3 issue aside DOPUS is an amazing creation. I have actually found my own hack simply by using a column that DOPUS recognises = comment.

It amazes me that specific music creation apps (Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live) have only basic file organisation and management options.

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Hm, as hobby-musician I don't know where/why to use genre in instruments/samples? IMO type of instrument/sample is of interest and good file-sorting/-naming.

Hi Sasa,

I use Genre with custom names like "Field and Foley"; "Wood", "Metal", "tuned" etc. These are, after all, genres - but not traditional ones. This allows me to then arrange samples in a single folder. I use a single folder to save messing with endless sub-folders and also because some music software will draw samples from just one folder. It frees my thinking and helps me feel more creative.

File naming is problematic. A sound sample can be many things - what I call it now, may be different in 2 years! (e,g, low frame drum pitch OR medium tom). Also, file names may already contain things like "source", "number". Finally, changing file names later can be a pain if I have that sound loaded into some software (sound bank, sampler, grid etc).

Absolutely - that is useful! I will be exploring this!