Request: star rating in image viewer

Surprised there's no way I can find to do this. I simply want to see the star rating in the image viewer without having the full metadata sidebar open. Ideally with 1-5 star icons.

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I requested this also.
No sorry, I requested that one could view and edit star rating under thumbnails. Would you like that also?

Maybe a switchable control that can be customized via script. . .

You can set star ratings in the viewer (without opening its metadata panel) using Star Ratings Buttons/Menu

But there isn't currently a way to see the current file's rating without turning on the metadata panel.

But you can see status icons (if the viewer's status bar is on and it isn't fullscreen), and buttons to set those would also work.

There's also the built-in Mark button, which lets you build up a list of flagged files for sorting them.

So there are a few options available already that might help.

I agree that it'd also be good to have a way to see and set ratings that doesn't use up much space, since it's so commonly done.

Is it possible to use the file metadata with the @toggle or @icon modifiers to show the value?
I tried some options like @toggle:if&SetAttr META=rating:1 with no luck.

I guess I might be able to use an event so set a variable, and use that variable in the modifier condition. But that seems like it would be prone to issues.

No, not directly at least.

I created a solution here Set and see Star rating in image viewer.

Its not perfect (does not support multiple open viewers) but works well for my use case.

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Awesome, thanks @wowbagger
It works great except when I use the dropdown menu, it doesn't change the icon to the current rating, unless you just meant that it highlights the correct one within the menu. I just see "Set Rating" always.

It does not change the title of the button, I don't think we can do that based on a global variable.
It changes the icon of the menu button, and highlights in the drop down the relevant rating.

For me, I just have a smiley face for every icon.

It probably uses these icons:

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@Leo is correct, The buttons are modified from that post.
I forgot I had custom icons installed.
I have updated the button post to mention the needed icons.

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