The Automator: Directory Opus and Quick Access Popup video discussion

Here's a recent chat I had with Joe Glines from The Automator, on his AutoHotkey Guru YouTube channel, alongside Jean Lalonde (@jnllnd here at the forum), the author of Quick Access Popup.

It's not exactly a "tutorial", unless you've never heard of Opus before (probably not if you're on this forum!) but maybe it's interesting to some of you, and Joe & I are thinking about doing some more tutorial-like videos in the future.

(I am a total Zoom newbie and, going into this one, didn't even realise it would let me share my screen, but now I know for next time!)


Hello Leo,
Thankyou for a very brave, candid and useful discussion.
It is so good to hear your natural British voice !

I also had a first zoom meeting this week.
I'm having some major knee surgery, a partial knee replacement.
I was party to a small group of other people on Zoom facing a similar fate.
Yep, my dog intervened as you cats did and almost disrupted it.
I muted the microphone and saved myself. He just wanted out.

I really enjoyed the programming block discussion.
I'll have time next week after the awful surgery to look at this closer.
I won't be able to do much else. Just my laptop and me for a while.

Leo, is it true that Alan Turing's picture is now on the 50 pound note ?


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Thanks! I'm glad it was worth watching.

It's quite funny. They were all asleep the whole morning, but as soon as they heard me talking to someone they all came upstairs and wanted to sit right in front of me, or start play-fighting just off camera. :slight_smile:

I hope it goes smoothly! Being able to talk to other people who have been through the same procedure is a great idea.

I think they were talking about it but I don't remember if it happened. I'm not in the UK these days, but £50 notes are rarely seen or used as well. Usually only from certain cash machines if you make a big withdrawal, and then people in shops get annoyed when you go and use them because they have to give you all their more useful notes in change. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the video. Even though I have used Opus for a couple of years, I still learned something from this video - print screen and then Ctrl V to paste into Opus as a file! I am glad the video was short. 30 minutes is just the right duration.

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I think there are a lot of hidden features like that which people can pick up just from seeing someone else use the program. Joe had the idea of doing short videos every now and then where I demo one feature or idea to him. That way I can show how something works, and he can ask questions about details I might have taken for granted or not have thought of at all, and it stays digestible. It seems like a great way to do things.


Hi Leo,

Thanks you for joining us on the Joe's YouTube channel. I really appreciated our chat about DOpus.

For users who may be interested in learning more about QAP + DOpus integration, please see:


I've been using Quick Access Popup for several weeks now.
As a long time user of an instance of the Directory Opus Go Folder Content Command,
I had doubted that something such as Quick Access Popup had value for me, but I was wrong.

Now that I have worked with it a while mostly after my knee surgery when I was on Oxycodone,
I find that it really does help ! I now quickly access often used programs that I had hidden in layers of
Go FolderContent=dblclickmenu Path="C:\4Prompt\Solution\Dopus\FolderContent\StartMenu"
I simply use a Dopus Icon in the upper toolbar to the left of Files.

Quick Access Popup is very user friendly to this setup.
It is very easy to add a program to it.

Tonight, I am notified that there is an update version available.
However, I must admit that it is far beyond my use of it so far.

Thankyou jnlind !
Your voice sounds Montreal to me.
If so, I once crossed the Montreal River on a train trestle north of Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario Canada

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Thanks for your good words, David. There are frequent updates to QAP. Even if you do not need the new features in the update, I recommend always upgrading for the bug fixes.

Yes, I'm from Montreal :slight_smile:.

Being a "Pro" user, could you help me creating a button to open the QAP popup menu from the DOpus toolbar. I've done that in the past and trying to recreate it, I'm a little lost in the Toolbars commands. How can I send the following command line from a DOpus button?

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuLaunch

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Create a button and add that exact line as the function.

It's not too bad. In Opus, right click blank spot on toolbar, select Customize

When the Customize dialog appears, right click the toolbar again and select Insert New > New Button

Right click the new button and go Edit Button

Fill in the fields as you wish (I generally just use Label, and Tip), and click Advanced

Paste in your command line, eg for mine: C:\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe ShowMenuLaunch

Click Ok, click Ok again on the toolbar customize dialog.

That's it.

Thanks for the great tool as well, I use it as a program launcher :slight_smile:

Thank you @blueloo

That's the part I was missing. I know, I should return to the DOpus documentation...

About this command used in the button, those interested can find more info here. For example, you could make a button to open only a subsection of your menu with:

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuLaunch "> MySubMenu > 2nd Level"
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good talk, seemed like 10 minutes to me. :laughing:

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