What have you done to this wonderful program?

I have been a DO for years but the latest version seems to be a train wreck. It opens but the file directory is very slow to open now. I don't have the the time or patience to troubleshoot something and need a quick fix to either get back to version 10 which worked flawlessly. Short of that how about a simple simple fix to eliminate this problem that should never have been an issue on an upgrade from a program that's been around so long. What are your programmers thinking?

We haven't done anything to it. You've run into an issue, possibly with Opus or possibly with a third party shell extension.

See the FAQs for guidance.


How about just providing a link to DO version 10 so I can get on with my life. I do not have the time to spend hunting down whatever may be the cause to this issue. I'm 72 and have better things to do with my time than spend hours trying to figure out the problem(s) created with the latest update. Everything worked just fine before the upgrade and no other programs have been added since.


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If you send us the automatic crash logs (if it crashes) or manually generated snapshots (if it's misbehaving but never crashes), we may be able to tell you the component causing the problem (whether it's in Opus or something else) without you having to narrow it down.

It's unlikely to be a problem caused by an Opus update as we don't have lots of recent threads about similar issues. Opus is working normally for most people. We need more information to be able to fix a problem which only one person is experiencing, but we can fix most problems with the right information.


Well, after uninstalling and reinstalling DO 12 twice the problem has mysteriously been fixed...and who doesn't like a good mystery?

Thanks for your help.