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3D Object preview (3mf, fbx, glb, gltf, obj, ply, stl)



Directory Opus 12.10 will add support for a new type of viewer that comes with newer versions of Windows 10, enabling you to use the Mixed Reality Viewer in the preview pane for various types of 3D object files:

  • .3mf
  • .fbx
  • .glb
  • .gltf
  • .obj
  • .ply
  • .stl

The objects can be rotated by dragging with the mouse, and zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

Demo video on YouTube:

This update will be free to existing Opus 12 users. You'll need a recent version of Windows 10, else you won't have the Mixed Reality Viewer needed to display this type of file (unless you have an alternative compatible viewer installed).

The viewer should work automatically for these file types, provided you're using Opus 12.10 and a recent version of Windows 10. (I think the Windows 10 Creators Update should be enough, but have only tested with the later April 2018 "1803" update.)

Note that the viewer's capabilities are down to what the Mixed Reality Viewer component in Windows provides in the form of its viewer. What we're adding to Opus is the ability to work with this new type of viewer.

View STL or .OBJ files in the preview pane
ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web
Directory Opus 12.10
Directory Opus 12.9.2 (Beta)
3D View showing different mesh
3D object preview

Above updated to note that .3mf also works, however it seems to be limited to .3mf files created by Microsoft's own tools.

Unlike the other formats, none of the third party .3mf samples I found on the web work.

But the .3mf files that come with Windows, in the /profile/3D Objects folder, load OK and let you rotate them in 3D:


Hi, could you add support for Lightwave .lwo files please?

it comes in two flavours - lwo for 2015 (lwo2) and lwo for 2018 (lwo3)

lwo2 is most prevalent, lwo3 is the latest with new features but both are needed as files can be in either depending on source.

Another nice one would be the Modo .lxo format, which is based on the original .lwo format:


We can't, unless Lightwave or someone else provides a viewer component for their 3D object format.


any chance to get a Cinema 4d file preview ? There is a win_thumbnail.dll that allows once registered to see the scene as an icon within opus already. Is that dll enough or has Maxon to provide something more/else ?


Does Opus show the same thing as File Explorer, or does Explorer show more? If it's the same then it's probably not something we can add easily.


looks as it is the same

the differences are because these things need to be kind of rendered and I just activated this icon view again. Opus shows same now


Hello Leo,
Could you elaborate on what you mean by "an alternative compatible viewer"? I'm one of those cavemen who's still trying to invent the wheel using Windows 7 and would love to have this functionality in Directory Opus. Hope there's an alternative way of doing 3d in a viewer as you seem to suggest.
On a related node: it would also be great to view Blender files (*.blend) like this. Blender is open source and I'm sure the required API(?) is out there...
Ok, have a great day!


Does a glbt format really exist? Should it not be gltf?


Quite right. Fixed.