Image info data in Viewer

How do I customize image info that is displayed with F1 in stand-alone image viewer?


I don't think you can. Maybe it would make sense for the InfoTip definition to be used there. Right now it seems to be hardcoded.

Xyzzy must be a mind-reader, because I was just looking for the same.

I think it should be different from the info-tip in the lister itself. Some of the info I currently see (and want to see in the lister infotip, like thumbnail) is what I don't want to see in the viewer pane.

I am more interrested in the filename (in fullscreen view) and/or something like 'current pic number/total pic number' information, just because I want some feedback how far I am in a picture show.

I searched for the same topic and found that old thread.
I'm in the same state... It's possible to customize the Info that the internal viewer shows?
If it's still hardcoded and your company has the source code, it would be possible to add Current Filename to that info (The info when pressing F1 when viewing an image)
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I think it is still the same as it was, but we've noted the interest in being able to customize the info in some way.

That would be good, if we could customize it. For example, i would swap some less important info & include the tag informations instead.

I just want to have file name and pic counter (usefull in fullscreen).

In the standalone viewer F1/Show Information overlay, I'd just like to be able to display the same fields that were useful to me when I customized the image file types' File Type's Info Tips

+1 +1 +1!!!

Always missing the most obvious information - the filename.. o)

Any interest in, if nothing else using the customizable File Type's Info Tips there in the standalone viewer when doing Show Information / F1 overlay? It was nice getting a few pieces of useful EXIF metadata showing up in my mouse-overs on thumbnails -- like the 35mm equivalent focal length, and aspect ratio, and FILENAME I'm sure would be useful to some as well. I'm sure many different ideas exist among photographers and imagery creators on what data would come in handy when going through a lot of images.

The data you mention is already available in the viewer. If anything, I think the request is to allow less information to be shown as what's there may be too much.

The filename isn't in the F1 info but is in the titlebar and statusbar, I think.

The standalone viewer displays a camera's actual focal length, which in the case of cameras that are not full-frame DSLR or mirrorless, needs to be multiplied to come up with the 35mm equivalent, though most cameras output that same figure in another field that is already available, a filed which I display in my popup infotips. there are actually going to be fields that some people consider relevant, and others don't, besides that one of course...

I've pared down my infotips to the ones that matter the most to me, and if I had the power to do so, would dop the same with the F1 overlay for the standalone viewer.

Yes, the file name should be included. It would be even better, if the F1 info would be fully customizable. For photographers, it would be great to have the tags in the F1 mode, or even being able to add them or
even edit them, while in fullscreen mode.

I always have the standalone viewer fullscreened, so there's no title or status visible - thanks for mentioning though!

I agree, that 35mm equivalent is very useful (using MFT + compact cams myself) and I miss it often.

Sorry for bumping, but it has been quite a while... Are there any plans to make the viewer infos customizable? Almost everytime i check the tags for my pictures, i have to switch back & forth between
full screen viewer & the details mode. to compare things.

I've put together some lines of script code that works fine for me to show file name and tags in a popup window. It's based on the button code tbone provided in this thread from leo: Snippet: Enumerating files and metadata tags.
The script isn't working with the automatic diashow. You'll have to select a single file and advance through the folder using system-wide hotkeys for NEXT/PREVIOUS to make the standalone viewer follow the selection in DOpus. Tbone described how he is doing that in this thread: How let the standalone viewer follow the lister selection?. However a more simple solution is working fine for me (single monitor).

The attached Script-AddIn adds a new user command ShowInfo. The command simply shows a popup with information about the current file's name and tags. In fullscreen mode the taskbar will become visible when the popup comes up. You should always close the popup before showing the next image (Alt or Enter keys and left mouse click to popup or image might work for you dependent on your configuration of the standalone viewer).
The script should be considered only as proof of concept. I'm sure tbone or someone else could make something much better out of it.

system-wide Hotkey for Select Next: Select NEXT dopusrt /cmd Show
system-wide Hotkey for Select Previous:Select PREV dopusrt /cmd Show
system-wide Hotkey for ShowInfo:ShowInfo

Command.Generic_ShowInfo.js.txt (2.18 KB)

Edit: I forgot to mention that all three hotkeys must be configured as system-wide hotkeys to make it work with the standalone viewer in fullscreen mode.

Works like a charm. :thumbsup:

Here's an updated version of the script I provided above. It shows the Tags as a list instead of a long string.
I made this for abr who's a real Tag-Junkie. :laughing:

Command.Generic_ShowInfo.js.txt (1.82 KB)

That's great. It looks al lot more clearly now and i prefer it to the horizontal version. :thumbsup:

Another question, if i return to the list mode, closing the full screen view, how would i keep the last viewed image selected? I tried to place an @nodeselect before the commands, but i always have to reselect the file. Here are the two commands (there is a third one, too, to move backwards), to move the focus forward, and the second one to show the info box. I had to add "Select THIS", to make "Showinfo" work. But for some reason the focus is lost after closing the image, maybe because off the external Dopusrt command?

Select NEXT dopusrt /cmd Show

select THIS Showinfo