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I am using Listary 5 with Directory Opus 12, and I have to say that they work seamlessly together.
It even knows all my opened tabs in the Currently Opened Folders section.

This is the simple General settings I used in Listary to make it work with Directory Opus.

Path: C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe
Parameter: "%1"

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AFAIK there is one major drawback when comparing to Everything (Voidtools): it closes the interface, so one needs to re-open it each time and (needcase) retype the previous search string.
For example: one searches on "Opus" - Listary finds all hits, one then open a folder, Listary is gone.
Regretfully it does not show modified date either. If files- or folder names look very much identical, the modified sort may help you to select the latest version.

I am using both. Whilst Listary is very nice, I still prefer Everything because of the above.



I use Everything also. But I use it as a Search Engine.
Listary is much more than that. I don't even use search in Listary.
I turned "Find As You Type" off.

I love the way you can drill down through folders. Even through the Open, Save, Save As dialog.


I use Listary for quick searches and Windows Search (inside Opus) for more complicated ones. The "Open/save file dialogs" integration is nice, but does not always work (sometimes is not Listary's fault, as some programs use some kind of non-standard dialog).

Listary did not work for me as launcher, so I moved to Keypirinha. Before that I was using Executor, but the developer stopped supporting it.

I gave up on setting favorites and projects. I usually move my folder around and then I would need to upgrade the new path every time. In Opus I set a small number of aliases that are enough for me. The "find as you type" saves my time when these don't.


Trying Everything now. Each of these tools has something that I like, but none has it all.