I am using Listary 5 with Directory Opus 12, and I have to say that they work seamlessly together.
It even knows all my opened tabs in the Currently Opened Folders section.

This is the simple General settings I used in Listary to make it work with Directory Opus.

Path: C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe
Parameter: "%1"


AFAIK there is one major drawback when comparing to Everything (Voidtools): it closes the interface, so one needs to re-open it each time and (needcase) retype the previous search string.
For example: one searches on "Opus" - Listary finds all hits, one then open a folder, Listary is gone.
Regretfully it does not show modified date either. If files- or folder names look very much identical, the modified sort may help you to select the latest version.

I am using both. Whilst Listary is very nice, I still prefer Everything because of the above.


I use Everything also. But I use it as a Search Engine.
Listary is much more than that. I don't even use search in Listary.
I turned "Find As You Type" off.

I love the way you can drill down through folders. Even through the Open, Save, Save As dialog.

I use Listary for quick searches and Windows Search (inside Opus) for more complicated ones. The "Open/save file dialogs" integration is nice, but does not always work (sometimes is not Listary's fault, as some programs use some kind of non-standard dialog).

Listary did not work for me as launcher, so I moved to Keypirinha. Before that I was using Executor, but the developer stopped supporting it.

I gave up on setting favorites and projects. I usually move my folder around and then I would need to upgrade the new path every time. In Opus I set a small number of aliases that are enough for me. The "find as you type" saves my time when these don't.

Trying Everything now. Each of these tools has something that I like, but none has it all.

I have recently upgraded to Listary Pro 6.
At first, I couldn't get it to work with Directory Opus, but I found the setting for it. It's slightly different to Listary 5.

It's in the General settings. You just have to click the "Open folder with" dropdown and add the path and parameter.

I tried that beta quite a while back. The last time I checked it appeared to be abandoned by the developer. Any changes on that front? I'm still using version 5 (pro) and it seems to work fine with Win 11.

Listary has its own website and support forum. Those are probably the best places to find out if it's still being developed.

Fair enough! Didn't intend to go way off topic. Thanks!

I'll just comment to clarify. As per my previous post. I'm not using Listary 5 beta. I'm using Listary 6 release version which was recently released.

The reason I posted was because some of us use Listary with Directory Opus and I initially couldn't find where to make it work. So I thought that I would share my findings with other users. I can say that Listary 6 and Directory Opus are working fine together.


I'm testing it, so far so good, I had a question, what does the parameter "%1" do? thanks

Equivalent to {filepath}

Passes the full path and filename of each selected item. Files are passed one at a time - a command that uses this code will be repeated once for each additional selected item. If no files are selected the command will still be run, passing an empty string for this code.
Full paths, one at a time, selected items not required, long filenames, source file display

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%1 is being used in Listary's config here, not an Opus command, so it's not quite the same as {filepath}, but similar.

%1 is typically used to insert a string, usually a path, into a command.

It's something the Windows shell and registry (file types) uses in a lot of places, and which Listary and Opus can also use in places.


i love listary. im sticking with v5. the simple older interface is easier to use & navigate on win10

listary's "folder keywords" are pretty much the same thing as Dopus's "Alias" so ive set them to match in both programs for my frequent places via save or move dialogs.

otherwise ive shut listary off inside of Dopus itself as Dopus does better at keyboard navigation without an extra popup box. if were still torturing myself with File Explorer I could see were it would be helpful. haha