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Status Icon not displaying (Synology Drive)


Started using Directory Opus today, really love it, thanks!

However, there is a problem that I can't solve and that completely breaks my workflow.
The status icons for cloud files (Synology Drive) do not appear. I've added the folder paths to "cloud_sync_paths" in advanced options, but it didn't change anything. The column "availability" is working as expected.

This is in Opus:

This is in Explorer:

I'm using version 12.19 with Windows 10 Dark Mode Theme.

Thanks you!

It should work, based on this thread:

It's still working (just checked), giving the configuration is properly set up. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers!

I had seen the thread in question. But I still can't configure Opus correctly to display the icons.

What I've done for now:, add the paths to cloud_sync_paths:

I also activated the display of status icons:

I'm wondering if this as something to do with the labels???

I'd be very happy to have your help in resolving this!