Directory Opus

Miscellaneous changes and bug fixes for (5 May 2006) (download)

  • Added full support for UTF-8, UTF-16LE and UTF-16BE encoded tags in MP3 files.
  • Fixed problem with Genre tag in ID3v2-tagged MP3 files (now supports (X) format where X references a genre from the ID3v1 spec).
  • Fixed problem with mouse wheel not being passed through to correct file display when multiple tabs were open.
  • Changing the language now updates several default context menu items that were not being updated correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when renaming using file information with multiple files in flatview with the same filename.
  • File information rename extended with the addition of the {parent} code to reference the name of the parent folder. {parent} or {parent1} returns the name of the parent folder, {parent2} returns the parent's parent, {parent3} returns the parent's parent's parent, etc.
  • Fixed a problem when deleting non-empty folders from some NAS devices (the folder would disappear from the list but would not actually be deleted).
  • FTP: Fixed issue where a failed Passive (PASV) connection would retry using Active connection (PORT) but not correctly read the initial folder.