Thumbnails Toolbar

Note: A version of this toolbar comes pre-installed with Opus so you may have it already. That said, you may still find the two extra commands mentioned below useful, and the version here might be slightly different. (Better is a matter of taste.)

Very simple toolbar with buttons to rotate and convert the format of selected images, set them as the wallpaper and change the thumbnail size via a slider and some preset buttons.

Note that the thumbnail-size slider only appears in thumbnail mode and only when Preferences / Lister Display Modes / Thumbnails Mode: Enable dynamic thumbnail resizing is turned on as well.

This toolbar isn't one you'll want on all the time; instead you could create a button to toggle it using a command like this:

Toolbar NAME=Nudel-Images STATE=bottom TOGGLE LOCAL

Putting the toggle on the right-mouse button action of a button which toggles Thumbnails mode works well.

A button like this will toggle between Details and Thumbnails mode:

Set VIEW=Details,Thumbnails

In Opus 9 you can also define which of the modes will cause the button to appear pushed-in. For example, if you want a button which toggles Details and Thumbnails modes and is pushed-in when in Thumbnails mode then you would use this:

Set VIEW=Thumbnails*,Details

The toolbar is attached. This version is tweaked for Opus 9. (Opus 8 users are probably best sticking with the version that comes pre-installed.) (931 Bytes)

For some reason, the last button I see on my toolbar is the wallpaper one. I do not see the slider or the thumbnail selection buttons until I go to "Customise" at which point they appear.
This goes for all view types, explorer, thumbnails, lightbox etc.

I'm probably (As usual) missing an obvious setting, but can't seem to get those extra buttons to show their faces...

The thumbnail buttons are hidden if you're not in thumbnails mode.

I wish I could believe you... I stated in my original post that I'd tried all the view types and those elusive buttons are still a no-show. I've tried "filmstip" and "images" view tabs, with the viewmode set explicitly to Thumbnails... no luck. On folders that only contain images too.

Perhaps it's something to do with content type detection, which I have turned off?

Make sure Preferences / Listers / Thumbnails: Dynamic thumbnail resizing is turned on.

Only just thought of that, sorry.

Ah, fantastic! I'd love to know how it's set to appear only in thumbnails mode, though... I'd love to have a couple of other buttons only appear in certain modes but can't quite figure it out.

Opus automatically hides those controls outside of thumbnails mode (and when resizable thumbnails are disabled). It's not specified by the toolbar or something you can currently do with other buttons.

Maybe in the future we'll be able to tie buttons, or toolbars, to differnet modes or folder formats or something.

Tweaked version for Opus 9 attached to the first post. (I'm not sure if this is the same as the one which comes with Opus 9 or not.)