Float separate search

Where is option to make Search window float (not linked to active lister)?

Is strange, because if all listers are close, "Start > search > Directory Opus" doesn't work and if someone using "classic" single power mode listers without tree (about 540 px width) , even "Find" button is hidden (out of window).

The old standalone Find window is gone.

On my XP machine, Start -> Search opens Windows Search. No Directory Opus option. Maybe because I accepted the Windows Search install from Windows Update ages ago.

Just resize the window/panel? You could make the button which opens the panel resize the window automatically if you want to.

Maybe small hint about that button? :slight_smile:

I always use Search by key shortcut so I can add resizing window.

I create something like this:
Go {s} LAYOUT=fynd
(special layout with maximized window and search inside)

The only problem is that command open new lister. Is not bad but I want to know how I can switch layout without opening new lister and keep source path.

So, how is possible to prepare function for set size of lister or maximize?

Maybe it should be good idea to make subpage somewhere with examples of Opus more complex functions? I visit this forum before and I see that people ask for many things, mostly possible to resolve by using internal Opus functions, but not explained so much. Other programs has plugins that works similar to Opus functions, but plugins are easiest to use for less experienced users and maybe that makes Opus not that popular like TC or other obsolete filemanagers.

I HATE this new search pane. I also cannot understand what was wrong with the duplicate search window that GPS had to go and remove its functionality. Seriously considering downgrade.

[quote="teefan"]Go {s} LAYOUT=fynd
(special layout with maximized window and search inside)

The only problem is that command open new lister. Is not bad but I want to know how I can switch layout without opening new lister and keep source path.[/quote]

If you want to use a layout to do it, use a command like this:

Prefs LayoutThisLister=size,pos Layout="find"

You can also use a command like this to do it without a layout:

Set LISTERPOS=100,100 LISTERSIZE=1000,800 UTILITY=Find,Toggle

Give it more of a chance, you've not been using it for a week yet...

What's actually wrong with the panel? What was better about the separate window? Maybe we can fix the drawbacks or offer solutions to them.

The problems with the separate window were that it only offered a subset of the panel's features, people often found it first and never found the panel, and there were bugs in the redundant file-display/results-list code that it used (which dated back to Opus 6, before Opus had File Collections).

The separate window was resizable without messing up the parent lister display: it could be any size you liked, in any position - now it's constrained whether you like it or not. The duplicate files results panel is completely messed up; delete mode doesn't select anything, and if you select one file (red x), they both select at once, whether you like it or not. In the old panel you could see all duplicates in the usual display formats; this has now changed to an ugly, unusable hybrid, whether you like it or not.

If I could use it, I would be able give it a chance.

I just think - maybe is good to keep old functionality for people who like it? Like "Find oldstyle" as an option? Is nothing bad with adding new functionality and keep old ones exists. Of course - that makes program more complicated, sometimes overload but who cares? It's Opus and what users may expect? Small tool for copying files? No, that always was biggest, huge filemanager with lot of useful (and useless sometimes) functions. For me big improvement was ending of two-panel style in Opus 5. That was a underestimated revolution that lot of people can't understand even now (and as I understand - return of dual panel mode is for them). Power mode that allow people to using fastest way as someone remember from Amy filemanagers is what I really loved on PC version from Then we receive more and more functions that lot of people like.

But as I think, multi window is future, not compact everything (otherwise we can say that TC is great) and if end of compacted dual-panel was good revolutionary step, change way of Search files and stick it to lister is regress.

You can make a button which opens a new lister with the Find panel, so that the old lister is left alone.

Sure, they have a file-list showing, ready for the results to appear (and helping you see which folder you're probably about to search), and the toolbars at the top, but the windows and panel are still resizeable and I don't see how this makes them unusable.

The Duplicate Finder has never existed outside of the utility panel, so I don't see what it has to do with getting rid of the Find window?

Duplicate Files works fine, too.

If you change any settings (like the Delete Mode checkbox) in the Duplicate Finder you have to re-run scan for them to take effect.

I can select/deselect files individually without problems, and I don't think anyone has reported a bug in this area (and I've still got no idea what it has to do with removing the Find window):

Are you talking about the grouped display? You can turn that off. I don't see what's ugly or unusable about it, though; it's a lot clearer having the items grouped into sections than it was before where all that changed was the background colours (which clashed with full-row selection and alternating-stripe background colours).

Ok, so let me know how i can make that - previously when I search for files (not always for specific files, just for example files that has ".lwo" extension on my hdd) after search process completed, i using right mouse button to open every interesting location in separate lister. Now RMB gives me possibility to open location but clear results. Any suggestions how to fix that?

I made that by key shortcut:
Go {f} NEW
but cannot make open new lister without file selection.

Is almost good, but little help will be useful.

Add this or something similar under Settings -> File Types:

I also don't like the ability not to float the search window. This is crazy. I have two monitors and can put the search window and results on the other monitor keeping the listers clean.

I can't tell from this thread but is there a work-around or a fix of some sort?



Dedicating an entire monitor to the Find window seems like overkill. Presumably you just want as much space as possible for the results, rather than lots of space for the Find window itself? If so, the option to automatically collapse the Find panel to just its titlebar might help there. Then it takes up almost no space when you're viewing the results.

Dedicating an entire 30 inch monitor to the find window in 9.x would of course be ridiculous. There are a whole lot of windows on both of my monitors. And with 9.x, I would regularly have 10 or so Find windows open with different search paths and options.

The point is to keep the listers clean. Please don't put a big window that squishes the listers. Yuck.

Why did the search window float option change? Were there complaints about it floating?

Is there a work-around? Is it possible to at least put the search results in a different lister/window (like in 9.x). Not replacing the current one I'm searching in? That would clearly help.

It would be great if you can make the search windows and others like the VS2010 IDE has them. The window control there is really well-done.

(By the way - the archive change / additions are excellent)



I hit F3 to do the search and the utility panel shows up across the bottom.

Is there a key to close this? Or a key to shrink it? I did not see it in the documentation anywhere but could have missed it too.



Push F3 again.

(If that doesn't act as a toggle, edit the hotkey to run Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle )

BTW, the default F3 key for new installs just activates the search field at the top-right of the lister, for doing a quick search.

For some reason, I had two F3's in my keymap. That might be an upgrade issue?

I have:

F3 Toolbar Seach
F3 Hotkey Find Tool

I checked off the first one so the Hotkey Find Tool is still checked. Is this correct?



It's up to you what's correct. :slight_smile:

(The default is for F3 to activate the toolbar search field.)