Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Changes in

  • Fixed remaining problems with USB licences not being recognized on some devices
  • Clicking a file's icon in details/power mode can no longer enter inline rename mode - the click must now be on the file's name (compatible with Explorer)
  • Inline rename now works in power/details mode even if the system double-click time is set to a fast speed
  • Fixed problem with inline rename in power/details mode when cursoring down to scroll the list
  • Fixed case-sensitivity problem in advanced function editor Find function
  • The LINE argument for the Toolbar command now works
  • If the first tab in a tab group is set to "Locked (allow changes)" it now remembers its initial folder correctly
  • Importing a new configuration should no longer result in the toolbars being replaced by the default Opus 9 ones
  • Opening Zips from outside of Opus now bring the existing Lister to the front if the 'Open in new tab' option is set in Explorer Replacement settings
  • Fixed problem with thumbnail aspect ratio when EXIF rotation is used and the thumbnail size is not square
  • Switching between power and details mode now updates to account for differences in grid lines settings
  • Drag cursor no longer confused by Ctrl + Alt held down simultaneously
  • Image Conversion function now handles either the width or height fields being set to empty (or 0) when resizing (this means keep the original width/height)
  • Folder Tree items no longer lose any special color settings when the folder contents are changed
  • The Set FLATVIEW command has a new argument - toggleoff. This causes the button to be displayed as highlighted, and will cause flatview to be turned off, whenever any flatview mode is in force, not just the one specified on the button.
  • Copy TO /desktop now works
  • When the Lister search field is displayed, Opus now compensates for any change in position when it closes due to a mouse click on the file display
  • The paths in the Find/Duplicate/Sync panels now update (when locked) on tab change as well as folder change
  • When Opus is installed on a 64 bit OS, the Preferences pages for Explorer Replacement mode and Desktop Doubleclick are now hidden, and these functions are disabled. This is to prevent problems caused by these functions on 64 bit systems, until Opus is certified for 64 bit operation.