Drag & Drop does not work for files or when customizing toolbars

[07-July-2008 update: People still seem to get this problem occasionally. The good news is that the attached .reg file has fixed it for everyone so far. One suspicion is that the Windows IStream registry settings may be deleted by poor "Registry Cleaner" programs, but we're not sure.]

A strange problem has begun cropping up in the past couple of months, whereby Opus refuses to accept buttons dragged from the Customize dialog to toolbars.

Although these problems are rare (only 4 reported cases so far) they all seem to have occurred after the recent 8.2 upgrade; however, we have not been able to come up with an explanation as to how this could be happening.

We have just been made aware of this thread at the CDFreaks forum, that suggests that the Nero 7 installer incorrectly removes some crucial items from the system registry. These are COM class interface definitions that Opus relies on for its drag and drop functionality. If these elements are removed then problems like that described above could quite easily occur.

If you are having this issue with Opus, you may like to read the CD Freaks thread linked above. Attached to that thread is the following registry file which restores the entries that the Nero 7 installer improperly removes. If you are having this problem, download the .reg file below and double-click it to add these entries back to your system registry. You should then reboot for the change to take effect.
istream.zip (376 Bytes)